How a Decade of iPhone Has Changed My Photography

I remember Macworld 2007 quite well. Thanks to my being on the conference faculty, I had a decent seat for the Steve Jobs keynote... the one where he introduced the iPhone.

iphone-introduction.jpg The Introduction of the iPhone, San Francisco 2007 - Canon Rebel XT, f/4, 1/20, ISO1600, -1.0ev, 28mm. Photos by Derrick Story.

By 2007, we really needed an all-in-one device that could handle phone calls, text, personal organization, and the Internet. We were tired of juggling Palm Pilots and candy bar cell phones. Blackberries seemed too pedestrian. And if we could get a decent camera out of the deal, all the better.

The problem was, that first 2-megapixel iPhone camera wasn't very good. And it certainly wasn't going to challenge the Canon XT I toted to San Francisco in 2007.

john-mayer.jpg John Mayer performing at the 2007 Macworld Keynote. Canon Rebel XT.

But the iPhone's sophistication evolved steadily, and by the iPhone 4, we had a good camera in addition to its other mobile features, and things began to change in the world of photography.

We know that the iPhone has all but killed the consumer compact digital camera. I never really liked carrying them around anyway, to be honest. I have two front pockets in my jeans: one for my wallet and the other for my iPhone. That's all I want with me.

Beyond that, however the iPhone was more than just my new compact camera, it was an integral link in my overall photography workflow. Regardless of what camera I was shooting with, I could upload those images, edit them, and publish from practically any location in the world.


During my reporting in Las Vegas last week, I would capture the image with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, send the images to my iPhone 6S via WiFi, and share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from hotel lobbies, Starbucks, and yes, the occasional casino lounge.

ces-reporting.jpg Reporting during CES 2017.

As much as I like the iPhone camera, and I do like it, what I truly appreciate these days is the mobile connection to my entire photography ecosystem that includes iCloud, Photos for macOS, and all of my social sites. The iPhone is my Swiss Army Knife for reporting on the road. And as such, it has helped me become a more timely, creative photographer.

And to be honest... I'm having more fun than ever.

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