Sometimes the theme for the day picks you. As we were exploring downtown San Francisco yesterday as part of the TDS SF Street Photography Workshop, I noticed couples, tandems, and juxtapositions everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites.

P4070018-SF-Web.jpg "Looking for Union Square" - After I captured this image, I walked up to this couple and asked if I could help. He said that they were looking for Union Square. Fortunately, they were only two blocks away. So I pointed them in the right direction. Photos by Derrick Story.

P4070080-SF-Web.jpg "Relationships are Work" - Sometimes you just have to work things out. This couple spent some time in the park doing just that.

P4070121-SF-Web.jpg "Walking Arm in Arm" - It was a coolish afternoon on Market St., and it gave this couple an opportunity to stroll close together.

P4070711-SF-Web.jpg "We're Definitely Not Together" - The park accommodates everyone, and it's interesting to see folks in contrast to one another.

P4070716-SF-Web.jpg "You Do Your Thing, and I'll Do Mine"

Today, we ride the cable cars seeking new themes and images in one of my favorite cities to photograph. Stay tuned for what we find next.

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