Flickr Site Now Great on my iPhone Too


Someone's ToDo List item got checked off today. The website now renders beautifully on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.

Previously, lovers of photography had to use the Flickr app or a mobile version of to browse, favor, and comment while scrolling though images. But now, you can merely enter in your phone's web browser, and enjoy an optimized experience.

Everything is there: Camera Roll, Photostream, Explore, Galleries, Stats, Trending, and more. If you want to fav a photo from someone that you're following, you have to tap on the star beneath the image. Instagram users who are used to double-tapping on the photo to favor it will be greeting instead with the image appearing on a new web page.

Other than that adjustment, the new on mobile devices is an attractive and intuitive experience. Let the browsing begin...

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