Hidden Gem - California Indian Museum

For those who visit Sonoma County regularly, such as for my workshops, another must see stop while in town is the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center.

IMG_3775.jpg Greeting card by Eric Wilder, a Kashaya Pomo Indian of Northern California. You can see more of his work at ericwildergraphics.com.

Among its many treasures, is a gallery of portraits by well known photographer of Native Americans, Edward Curtis, educational materials, many outstanding displays of Native American works, and a truly interesting museum store.

IMG_3766.jpg A display in the Precious Cargo exhibit, California Indian Cradle Baskets and Childbirth Traditions.

The museum staff is both knowledgable and open to spending time with visitors to answer their questions. Admission is free, but you can make a donation or purchase a keepsake in the Museum Store. It's definitely worth a visit.

IMG_3769.jpg The Museum Store is filled with artwork, gifts, housewares, smudge sticks, ointments, and more.

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