Capture One Pro 10: Retouching - New Course Online


Capture One Pro 10 -- a professional, robust image editor and organizer -- allows you to handle all of your post processing in the same application that manages your images.

In this course, learn techniques for improving your images using Capture One Pro 10. Join Derrick as he demonstrates how to create uniformity in skin tones for professional portraits, use the Curve tool to adjust a specific tone, convert a selected color into a mask, and sharpen specific areas of an image. He also explains how to speed up your workflow by creating styles and presets, and using variants for different looks. When you wrap up this course, you'll have the knowledge you need to get the most out of the retouching features.

Topics Include:

  • Using brushing tools in the Local Adjustments tab
  • Adjusting a specific hue with the Color Editor
  • Minimizing an offending color in the Color Editor
  • Fine tuning hues with Color Balance
  • Exploring Color Balance presets
  • Addressing a specific tone with the Curve tool
  • Exposure adjustment tricks
  • Making color corrections to specific areas
  • Speeding up your workflow

Take a look at this intro video that provides you with an overview of the course.

If you've wanted to improve your image editing chops with this professional level photo app, then take a look at Capture One Pro 10: Retouching. I think you'll be happy you did.

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