infltr (Infinite Filters) for iOS Photographers

At first, I thought that infltr was just another filter app for my iPhone. But after a little testing, I've found it to be quite the creative workspace.


My initial interest was to find something new for my Instagram shots. And infltr is quite good for that purpose. You choose an image from your camera roll, select a filter, then tap on it and move your finger around the shot. As you do so, the filter changes. When you see something you like, stop and publish. You can also save your creation as a custom filter.

But the app goes well beyond that, including features such as:

  • Saturation, brightness, contrast & filter intensity.
  • Crop: 17 different presets.
  • Transform: rotate, straighten, flip horizontally & vertically, perspective horizontally and vertically.
  • Undo edits & view the history of your edits.
  • Metadata screen that includes camera type, lens, ISO and more.


Plus, infltr allows you to edit photos, Live Photos, videos, and GIFs. In other words, just about any type of visual content on your iPhone.

Other handy features include a built-in camera function, iMessage App and Apple Watch compatibility, and the ability to connect to Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox.

For a mere $1.99 investment, you will breath new creative life, and functionality into your iPhone photography with infltr.

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