Sometimes a Real Camera is Easier

Smartphones are highly convenient. But they are not always the perfect choice.

iPhone-Togs-1024.jpg "iPhone Photographers" - Millennium Park, Chicago. Photo by Derrick Story with an Olympus PEN-F.

I watched these young women grapple with their iPhone in bright sunlight and was pulling for them that they would get the shot.

The sun had emerged from behind the clouds in Chicago's Millennium Park, and the contrast was incredible at 1:30 in the afternoon. Light was bouncing around everywhere. And even though our cameras were more than capable of recording images in these conditions, composing on LCD screens was difficult at best.

Having a camera with a viewfinder is such an advantage in these types of conditions. I looked through the optics of my Olympus PEN-F, rotated the exposure compensation ring that's positioned conveniently around the shutter button (my custom setting), then captured this shot.

The entire process took just a few seconds. The iPhone photographers were still working as I strolled away.

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