Exporting a Single Frame from Video in Photos

Much of the video I capture these days is either from the iPhone or my DJI Spark. In both cases, the content is managed in Photos for macOS. To be honest, it's just more convenient than the other options.

One of the wonderful aspects of HD and 4K movies is the ability to pull a single frame from the footage and use it as a standalone photograph. The quality is quite good, especially for web publishing. And it's easy to do in Photos. Here's a short video on the technique.

Essentially, all you have to do is scrub to the frame you want, then click on the gear icon in the controller. Choose "Export Frame to Pictures" from the popup menu. Photos will send a high quality Tiff file to your Pictures folder.

export-single-frame.png Exporting a single frame from video captured with the DJI Spark. Photo by Derrick Story.

At that point, you can bring the image back into Photos, convert it to a Jpeg with Preview, or make a print. Its file name will be the actual frame number from the video, so you might want to change that. And I recommend bringing the image back into Photos where you can add some metadata and keep it with the original movie.

Exporting a single frame from video is a great option to have as we continue to capture movies with our portable devices. And it's really easy to do in Photos for macOS.

Mastering Photos for macOS

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