Selective Color Editing in Photos 3

In addition to the new Curves Adjustment coming to Photos 3 for macOS, we also get selective color. This is a nicely implemented tool that I think you're going to enjoy. Here's a preliminary peek at how it works.

VW-Before-Edit.jpg Classic VW Bug. Photo by Derrick Story.

Let's say that we wanted to change the red VW above to something a bit wilder. Maybe lavender? It's easy enough to do.

First, open Selective Color in the Adjust tab of Photos 3. Then click on the dropper and select the red color of the car. Now, play with the Hue, Saturation, Luminance, and Range sliders until you get the look you want.

VW-After-Edit.jpgVW Bug after Selective Color edit.

You can hold down the M key to see the before and after. And you can uncheck the blue circle in the Selective Color box to turn on and off the adjustment.

Photos 3 will ship with macOS High Sierra this coming Fall. The application is evolving nicely as we work with in through the beta builds. And I think Mac users are really going to enjoy this latest version of the software.

IMG_4225.jpg Here's the final version of the image.

New Nimble Classroom for Photos 3 Added!

My first Nimble Classroom for Photos 3 sold out. So, I've added another session for Nov. 4. If you want to learn this app inside and out, plus its wonderful editing extensions, you may want to sign up for the November class. We're going to have a blast!

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