Global Filters Are a Blessing in Capture One Pro

I admit it, I shoot RAW+Jpeg a lot - and for many good reasons. These days, I just pile everything into Capture One Pro, then sort things out in the app. I can do this because of the terrific C1P tools, with Global Filters at the top of the list.


Generally speaking, when it's time to rate images and decide which ones are worthy of editing, I just want to work with the RAW files. So all I have to do is go to View > Global Filters > Always Hide Jpeg Files. (There are other options as well, depending on the situation.) The Jpegs remain in the catalog, I just don't see them. So then I can go about my business of working just on the RAWs. Here's a movie that shows this in action.

Use global filters from Advanced Capture One Pro: Library Management by Derrick Story

It's a little thing, right? But little things really add up when you're under the gun with finishing off a shoot.

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