Polaroid Has Its Act Together at CES 2018

CES had so much to offer today: home automation, beautiful HDTVs, robots, cars, drones, and tempting audio devices. But the booth that brought the biggest smile to my face was Polaroid.

Polaroid Booth CES 2018

First, they had the best free bags at the tradeshow. They are big, sturdy vessels with happy faces promoting the excellent Polaroid Pop camera. If you're on the floor today, you have to swing big and grab one.

Polaroid Booth CES 2018

Second, the booth design is excellent. It's bright, colorful, and for lack of a better term, joyful. I found myself circulating through it three times just to take in the cameras, displays, giant film boxes, and supporting visuals.

Polaroid Booth CES 2018

But the bottom line is always about the product. And both the Polaroid Pop ($199) and the Polaroid OneStep 2 ($99) are the types of cameras that I've been waiting for them to release.


The Pop combines a 20MP digital camera with a ZINK Zero Ink printer to create a stylish, versatile photography tool. The OneStep2 uses i-Type or 600 Instant Film and produces classic Polaroid prints. I have one print of each that we shot today, and they are quite different.


The output from the Pop is cleaner and more like a modern day print, except that it is semi-instant and emerges from the top of the camera. The OneStep2 output has more muted colors and isn't as sharp as the ZINK image. Instead it has that artistic vibe that looks great with creative portraits.

Choosing the right format depends on your work. If you're more inclined to have the images represent the world as we see it, I would go with the Pop. But if you like those muted colors and soft tones, then the OneStep2 might be a better choice.

Polaroid Booth CES 2018

Either way, Polaroid is back, and their booth represents the vibrancy and energy that I feel in their latest crop of products. If you love instant photography, be sure to visit them at booth 16615 in the Central Hall.

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