DIY Bike Holster for Peddling Photographers

When riding my Cannondale Bad Boy bike, I want to remove as many barriers as possible to my stopping and capturing a photo. I've learned over the years that having a camera tucked away in a backpack or on the rack reduces the number of images. To solve that problem, I configured a DIY bike holster for the front handlebars.


Most of us have one of these top loaders stashed in the closet. Simply shorten the strap to its minimum length and wrap it around the handlebars as shown below. Don't interfere with any of the braking or shifting cables.


The weight of the camera does a good job of keeping the holster in the down position. But for added security, I ran 3 carabiners through the back loop. This is mainly for riding without a camera in the bag so it doesn't flop around.

Now, when I see a photo opp, it's easy to pull out the camera and shoot. If I make a stop at a retail location, I can easily take the holster with me. Most of the time, however, I just pull the camera out and leave the bag open on the handlebars. And yes, as a result of this rig, I'm shooting more on my riding errands.

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