Sand Photography with the Olympus Tough

Even though I'm a street photographer at heart, I sometimes want to go off-road and capture the world in less-camera-friendly environments. Honolulu is a perfect example of interesting subjects on sandy terrain.


That's when the Olympus Tough cameras can be your best choice. The Olympus TG-5 ($349) is a compact, go anywhere camera that's perfect for sand photography. I carry it in my board shorts when on the beach or in the water. It makes no difference to this capture device. Plus it includes built-in GPS, so the location data for my adventures are captured as well.


If you're planning some off-road activities this coming summer, and you don't want to worry about sand, dirt, dust, temperature, or water, then consider a Tough. Shoot in RAW+Jpeg, turn on GPS, and don't let yourself be limited by the environment.

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