Export a Single Video Frame as a Photograph in Photos for macOS

Photos for macOS is a terrific app for managing videos captured with iPhones and mirrorless cameras. You have organizing features such as albums, keywords, and location data. Plus it has a few tricks up its sleeve, such as exporting single frames from your movies as Tiffs.

Given the high quality of our video capture these days, this is a reasonable approach for publishing photographs online. In fact, the image I used with this week's TDS podcast was snagged from an iPhone video. Here's how it works.

Export a single frame as a photo from Photos for macOS High Sierra Essential Training by Derrick Story

Photos sends the Tiff file to your Pictures folder. From there you can retrieve it and open it in an app such as Preview, or import it back into Photos. It's really a handy feature that I find myself using more and more.


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