Redesigned Camera Plus 2 Offers RAW and More

I read the announcement about Camera Plus 2 on DP Review and decided to give it a spin. I had been a big fan of the original, and thought the new version might be good for RAW capture with my iPhone.


After an evening of testing, I do like the updated interface. I had no problem controlling my captures and getting the results that I wanted. As for RAW photography, as long as I shot RAW+Jpeg, the images showed up perfectly in Photos on my Mac. They appeared as RAW+Jpeg pairs with the Jpegs on top - the same way images come in from my Olympus and other interchangeable lens cameras.

If I shot the RAWs and Jpegs as separate files, however, there appears to be a bug where the RAW comes in as a thumbnail only. My guess is that this will be fixed soon. But in the meantime, I would stick with RAW+Jpeg as a combined file for Mac photographers.

All the other features worked great (including the wonderful editing interface). And for a one-time fee of $2.99, this app is a gem. I'm going to continue to test it during my assignment in Orlando. If I discover anything new, I will update here and on social.

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