The Portfolio Project - Week 2

As I mentioned in last week's podcast, I had allowed become caught up in social networks for sharing my photography, and I hadn't really established a portfolio site. When I finally stopped to think about it, I realized that this was a problem that needed to be fixed.

So I started working with the folks at Portfoliobox to build an online presence of my favorite images. My plan was to add a page a week for the month of May. The first week was "Cuba," and the second installment is Portraits of Women.

portfoliobox-interface.jpg The Portfoliobox editor. Building pages, then adjusting them later, is a simple process with Portfoliobox.

In addition to the images, I also created a true About Me page that I like a lot better than the canned versions on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites. This version is cleaner, better designed, and includes only the stuff that's important to me.

The next two pages that I have planned in this project are "Events" and "Street Photography." After that, I will add pages on a thematic basis. So for example, if I wanted a different group of images to represent my travel photography, I would turn off the navigation for "Cuba," create a new page such as "Iceland," and list it in the top menu. The links for all the pages I create would remain valid. It's just what would be featured in top navigation... sort of like a museum rotating its various installations.

After two weeks, I have to say that the Portfolio Project feels really good. I do like posting on social, and none of that is going to change. But having this portfolio site fills a different need, one that allows me to step back and curate some of my favorite images from over the years.

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