How RAW Power Can Salvage a Ho-Hum Flower Shot

Using the RAW Power editing extension ($13.99) with Photos for macOS can squeeze every bit of image data from your files, even a ho-hum flower shot. Here are the 3 steps I use.

original-flower-raw.jpg Original flower shot I quickly grabbed one morning on my way to work. Here's how it looked before processing in RAW Power.

raw-power-processing.jpg Decoded image in RAW Power. I used its sliders to breath life into my RAW file.

finished-image.jpg Final touches added in Photos. Once I save changes in the RAW Power editing extension, the image is automatically returned to Photos for macOS for finishing.

Because of the wonderful ecosystem that Photos offers, more users are processing their RAW files in Photos for macOS. As you can see, RAW Power is one of those affordable, powerful tools.

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