The Easiest Photo Trick Ever - Spray it Down

Water is one of the most important elements on our planet. And for photography, it's also one of the best enhancers. Time and time again I've discovered that a little spray dramatically improves an image.

wet-vs-dry.jpg Same subject, same lighting, wildly different results. Photos by Derrick Story.

Here's an example. I spotted this Nasturtium peeking up through a wood palette in my patio garden at the studio. I love the intrepid nature of plants. I pulled iPhone from my pocket and photographed it. Then I thought, "This could be even better." So I sprayed down with the garden hose, resulting in this shot.

final-image.jpg Final iPhone image, edited in Photos for iOS. Image by Derrick Story.

You've heard the saying, "Just add water." That must have been a photographer who coined it.

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