"The Filter Box" - TDS Digital Photography Podcast 644

This is The Digital Story Podcast #644, July 17, 2018. Today's theme is "The Filter Box" I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

I'm not one to hang on to unused items. If a camera or lens isn't seeing action, then I move it along to someone who will put it to use. I do have one exception to this rule: filters. I store them in a large shoebox at my studio. And they are the one photography accessory that I seldom part with. Why is that? I answer that question on today's TDS photography podcast.

The Filter Box

I remember when I bought my first brand new polarizer. It was a 55mm Contax circular model. It cost some godly amount of money, even for day that was decades ago. I was fine spending $300 for lens. But then to turn around and add another $100 for a filter? That seemed crazy.

It was then, all those years ago, that I decided to protect and save my investment in filters. I knew that if I stuck to this approach, that it would save me thousands of dollars over my career.


My photography is still going strong. And my filter investment is looking smarter than ever. Here are five reasons why.

  • Filters are brand independent - Over the years, I've jumped from Contax, to Canon, to Pentax, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, and others. The lenses are tied to the camera brand. But the filters are not. I can use a Canon filter on a Pentax lens no problem. And I do it all the time.
  • Filters cost a lot - Think about it: most filters are a cookie-cutter circle of optical glass, that's coated and usually mounted in a brass ring. Relative to the complexity of a camera lens, their price is way too high.
  • Filters last a long time - I have filters that date back to the 1960s that still perform well. I've read that they lose their effectiveness over time. To some degree, maybe. But not so much that they compromise my work. The thing about filters is that there is not focusing mechanism, aperture blades, or f-stop ring to break. So unless you strip their threads, they function.
  • Creative filters help shake up your photography - Whether it is a Zeiss Softar, Tiffen cinematic effects, or a rotating graduated filter - when I retrieve one from the box and pack it in my bag, fun just seems to follow.
  • Filters provide a sense of security - I'm always a little over protective when I get a new lens. The first thing that I do is put a good filter on it before I hit the road. And I always feel more secure after doing so.

Bickering over whether or not to use filters has been going on as long as photography itself. One thing that I do know is that quality, multicoated, filters have virtually no adverse impact on my images, and often provide some enhancement. Just like with lenses, get quality glass, and your investment will be rewarded.

Still Waiting for my Canon Rebate

On the June 11, 2018 TDS Podcast I mentioned that "I'm Taking the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Rebate Challenge" and had mailed in all the required documents for my $250 rebate. I just checked the mail today, July 16, and still no rebate in sight. I will keep you posted....

My Incredible Scouting Trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park

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