The Full Frame Calm Before the Storm

Sony just announced it has sold more full-frame cameras than any other brand in the US over the past six months, measured both by units sold and by value. In part, this is because, as we all know, Sony cameras are top notch. But it's also because they have more recent releases in this category.


On August 23rd, Nikon will announce their full frame challenger, with possibly some very interesting lenses on the road map. Make no doubt about it, Nikon realizes the importance of the moment. My prediction is that their entry will be formidable.

And let's not forget about Canon. It is quiet at the moment, other than a few snorts from the sleeping giant. But once we work through the Nikon announcement, we will hear from them. And like Nikon, Canon realizes that there is little margin for error.

Why is all of this full frame thunder so important? Ultimately, it's bragging rights. The psychology of camera brands is that if you satisfy the pro, the enthusiasts will follow. If you see Canon lenses on the sidelines of the Super Bowl, that is a stamp of approval for thousands of amateur photographers who will follow in that wake. Pros shoot full frame. What they choose is of vital importance to all three brands.

Personally, I'm not a big sensor guy. It's not necessary for my work. I would rather have smaller, lighter lenses. And since I don't have a dog in this race, I'm really going to enjoy the show.

Photokina begins on September 26. PhotoPlus Expo follows the next month on October 25th. During that stretch, Sony will impress upon us of their current dominance, Nikon will remind us of their tradition of greatness, and Canon will take them both on.

What a fantastic way to close out 2018!

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