"Are You a Photography Dinosaur?" - TDS Photo Podcast 654

This is The Digital Story Podcast #654, Sept. 25, 2018. Today's theme is "Are You a Photography Dinosaur?." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Photography is changing faster than many of its seasoned photographers. And even though this doesn't mean extinction for the ways of the past, it does signal that a certain amount of evolution is in order. You may think that I'm talking about film. No way! That's pre-dinosaur. I'm referring to the tried and true digital photography workflow that was once the standard. I'll explain more in today's TDS podcast.

Are You a Photography Dinosaur?


Before I get too deep here, let's take a quiz together to determine if you're a dinosaur photographer. Answer yes or no to the following questions.

  • (1)Do you regard smartphones as real tools for meaningful photography?
  • (2)Do you manage all of your images on a computer using a hard drive based DAM such as Lightroom Classic or Capture One Pro?
  • (3)Do you post Instagram shots taken directly from your smartphone? (Opposed to a digital camera workflow)
  • (4)Do you even have an Instagram account?
  • (5)Do you know what Snapchat is?
  • (6)Is your primary method for sharing images via email attachments?
  • (7)Do you use a tripod more than twice a year?
  • (8)Are you a professional photographer or at least a regular freelancer?

Answers: 1) No=1 Dinosaur bone 2) Yes=1 Dinosaur bone 3) No=1 Dinosaur bone 4) No=1 Dinosaur bone 5) No=1 Dinosaur bone 6) Yes=1 Dinosaur bone 7) Yes=1 Dinosaur bone 8) Yes= -3 Dinosaur bones.

If you have four or more bones, you are a photography dinosaur. 2-3 bones means that you are in evolutionary phase. And 1 bone or zero means that you're either 17, or part of the new breed.

So at this point you're probably expecting me to say that the species is doomed. But I don't think that at all. Smartphone and wearable photography will never completely replace workflow based work. But the popularity of those tools depends on rate of change those companies can embrace.

For example, interchangeable lens cameras need to evolve substantially to provide a meaningful alternative to computational photography. The software workflow must get easier and more mobile.

We will always have workflow based digital photography, just like we still have film and the cameras that use it. But tools and techniques that don't evolve become niche products.

In the photography jungle, dinosaurs can survive. But they will no longer rule the planet the way they once did. And by not experimenting with newer tools and techniques, they are also missing out on some real fun.

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Focos Brings iPhone XS Tricks to iPhone 8 and X

If you are envious of the computational photography goodies in the new iPhone XS, but want to stick with your existing iPhone 8 or iPhone X handset, take a look at Focos. It can provide much of the same functionality, for free.

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