Quick-Release Lighting for Portraits on the Go

I have some very fast moving assignments. For those portrait gigs when I have just a few minutes to prepare, I've created a quick-release lighting rig that takes only seconds to set up.


I use a FotodioX C-200RS FlapJack LED Bi-Color Edge Light with a flat tripod quick-release head that I had laying around the studio.

I mount the quick-release on the top of a Manfrotto Alu Air-Cushioned Compact Stand that fits on the side of my backpack en route. The stand also sets up quickly. The mounting plate is already attached to the FlapJack light. So the procedure is to unfold the stand, attach the light, and shoot.


I use LED lighting for fill when capturing indoor environmental portraits. It allows me to add a little twinkle to the eyes and control the shadows. The FlapJacks have built-in diffusers so I don't need to mess with any additional gear.

If you want a super-quick portrait setup, and have a quick-release plate laying around, you might want to construct your own kit. They are quite the blessing when working in the field.

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