What Are Your "Real Life" Shots of 2018?

Most photographers are this wonderful mix of artist and historian. But many of the images that we share online tend to be more from the artistic nature rather than the storytelling. That's OK. Nothing wrong with impressing our peers with our creative chops.

Kitty-Carrier-1024.jpg "Trip to the Vet" - Sylvester had developed a constant sneeze that needed attending to. I took her to the vet for advice. While we were waiting, I noticed the photo of another Tuxedo cat on the wall. I really liked the juxtaposition of Sylvester in the foreground against the image on the wall. BTW: Sylvester is fine now. We treated her with some meds, and she's back in the pink. And she has been one of my many blessings this year. Photo by Derrick Story. iPhone X.

But here's an exercise that I think you will really enjoy. Go back through your photo collection from 2018, and mark the "real life" images. You know, those snapshots from gatherings, home repair, pets, kids, tough moments, family members, and friends.

Put those images in a collection, and build a simple slideshow with them. Be sure to add a dash of your favorite music. Then, on New Year's Eve, share that collection with any friends or family who you happen to be with. And if you're flying solo, share it with yourself.

Regardless of how good or bad you're feeling at the moment, I promise that a faint glow will come over you. If the images are challenging, then know that you met that adversity and made it through the year. If the pictures are heartwarming, then give thanks for your blessings. For many of us, it will be a mix of both.

As photographers, we have this unique opportunity to see our lives in ways that others cannot. Find those real life moments, look at them, then think about what you want to do this coming year.

Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth.

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