"Making Photographs with Ibarionex Perello" - Photo Podcast 669

This is The Digital Story Podcast #669, Jan. 8, 2019. Today's theme is "Making Photographs with Ibarionex Perello." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

The Candid Frame Podcast has been running as long as The Digital Story. And over those years listeners have enjoyed the insightful interviews conducted by Ibarionex. And now he has a new book titled, Making Photographs. Seems like a great time to have this long overdue visit with one of the great guys in our industry. Hope you enjoy the show.

Making Photographs with Ibarionex Perello


Ibarionex and I sit down to discuss his new book, Making Photographs, and our combined 25 years of podcasting.

The Portfoliobox Tip of the Week and Photo Contest

Tip of the Week

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Photo Contest: B&W Portraits

To enter, send your best B&W portrait to thenimblephotographer@gmail.com by Jan. 22, 2019. Subject Line: B&W Portrait Contest. Make sure you have permission from the subject. Entrant must have captured the image and performed all of the post production on it. Recommended size of the image is 2000 px on the longest edge. The selected image will be featured on TheDigitalStory and the photographer will receive a 1-Year Pro Account with Portfoliobox.

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Short Movie - Chinatown Photo Shoot

Mike and I made this movie on the final day of last year's SF Street Photography Workshop. (Here's link as well.) It provides you with an inside look at our premier urban event. We're going to have just one more street photography workshop in SF, this coming April. And we'd like you to join us for the farewell to this long running gathering in the city.

If you do want to join us April 26-28, and I hope you do, please visit the Workshops Signup Page and place your $100 deposit. That will secure your ability to attend when official registration begins later this month. You can also read more about the event on the TDS Workshops page.

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