Rhys Gwyn - Tops in the TDS B&W Portrait Challenge

Congratulations to Rhys Gwyn! His submission to the Portfoliobox B&W Portrait Challenge is the top entry.

Rhys-Gwyn-BW.jpg Image by Rhys Gwyn

The judges selected this portrait because of its excellent tonal quality and interesting subject content. It's truly a unique image.

As a result, Rhys will be awarded a 1-year Portfoliobox Pro account with custom domain name. We look forward to seeing more work by Rhys Gwyn presented handsomely on his Portfoliobox site.

We also want to acknowledge our runner-up, Alex Casares, for his outstanding portrait of a dog in a studio setting.

Alex-Casares-BW.jpg Image by Alex Casares

Once again, beautiful tones and an excellent rendering of his subject. Well done!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Portfoliobox B&W Portrait Challenge. All of the entries were compelling and enjoyable. It was truly a challenge for the judges to choose the top two entries.

A new challenge launches on January 29. To find out all of the details, tune in to the next TDS Photography Podcast that airs on Tuesday morning.

And a big thanks to Portfoliobox for sponsoring this series of photo challenges. If you want to showcase your finest work in the best light possible, Portfoliobox is the artist's choice.

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