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This is The Digital Story Podcast #687, May 14, 2019. Today's theme is "The Physiology of Active Photography." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Most of us agree that photography as a hobby feeds our creative soul. But it can also be good for the body. A regular diet of planned photo shoots can have a positive impact on our physical well being as well. In today's podcast I'll share with you five of the health benefits that I've enjoyed since embracing the photo exercise plan. I hope you enjoy the show.

The Physiology of Active Photography


A common pushback that I hear from fellow enthusiasts is that they don't have enough time to pursue their hobby. If you find yourself citing lack of time to engage in activities that are good for you and will provide you with more physical energy and clearer thinking, then you might want to hit the pause button for a minute and re-evaluate your choices.

On average, I work 10 hours a day Monday through Thursday, and 4 hours on Saturday. The only way that I can maintain that schedule and remain productive is by incorporating excise into my week.

Opportunities include early morning before work, lunch breaks, afternoon breaks, and weekends. If you don't take regular breaks, then that's an issue unto itself. To be honest; it's not healthy to skip breaks, especially at lunch time.

Mixing photography into these activities supercharges the health benefits. The chance of capturing a new image that you can share on social is motivating. Actually taking a great picture is exhilarating. And having raw material to work with on your computer feeds creativity.

My recommendation is that you venture out for a walk or a bike ride with your camera at least 3 times a week. According to my math, you have 21 opportunities a week to do this: 7 early mornings, 7 lunch breaks, and 7 afternoon breaks/after work.

And if you embrace this, here are some of the health benefits to look forward to.

  • Sleeping Heart Rate Dip - Research shows that a measurable dip in heart rate during sleep is excellent for your cardiovascular health. Plus, you'll tend to feel more rested in the morning. In my case, burning an extra 225 calories from activity drives my heart rate down 7 beats per minute. On nights when I exercise, my sleeping heart rate is about 52 bpm. When I don't, it tends to by close to 60 or over.
  • Better Regularity - By adding water to my photo walks and bike rides has improved my bathroom breaks. I don't need to articulate how much better this makes one feel. You know what I'm talking about.
  • Stronger Legs - When I was a photographer/writer in the healthcare business, a common mantra was that a healthy 60 starts at 40. Our core strength and sturdy legs mean a higher quality of life as we age. If you want to be mobile later, you have to be active now.
  • Emotional Resilience - I have days like everyone else when the world is intent on knocking me down a peg. Staying at my desk and stewing about it does not produce a better result. Taking a break and exercising does. It is the ultimate reset button.
  • We are More than our Job - Exercising plus photography demonstrates to ourselves and our world that we are more than our job. We are creative, clear thinking, healthy individuals. And that is far more appealing than exhausted, downtrodden, and depressed.

About how many pictures do I take on my photo exercises? Generally 2-3 per 30 minute session. Not a ton, but they sure add up over time. And many of those shots are personal favorites.

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