Working with Color and Shape in Urban Environments

Finding interesting subjects to photograph depends a lot on your frame of mind while exploring.

For instance, if you're looking for traditional "pretty" scenes, then you might pass by many terrific shots that push the boundaries of your work. Instead, considering looking for shape and color.

Abandonded-Building-1024.jpg "Abandoned Building" - iPhone X in RAW capture. Processed in Photos and Luminar 3. Image by Derrick Story.

When you change what you are looking for, you're presented with a whole new set of opportunities to photograph. Once you have a success with one image, then you begin to see more, and momentum builds.

Photographs such as "Abandoned Building" are fun to work with in post production as well, and they make interesting prints. In other words, their creative potential reaches well beyond initial capture.

Try it next time you go exploring with your camera. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you capture.

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