Backyard Photography with a Nikon D700 and 100mm Series E Lens

I originally bought the "vintage" Nikon D700 because I wanted a full frame sensor that would match my 35mm film Nikons. This allowed me to switch lenses back and forth, capturing in both formats. It's a great camera for that.


But I'm having fun with it beyond its role as a digital backup to my film work. I do have a couple AF lenses for it, but what I really enjoy is using the Series E and Ai optics on it. The manual focusing is silky smooth, and the earlier Nikon lenses all have a unique look that I really like.

My latest subject was this branch from a butterfly bush that had fallen down the side of the patio fence. It looked particularly vibrant that morning. I photographed it first with the Nikon FG and the Series E 100mm lens. But I wanted a RAW file as well, so I moved the 100mm on to the D700 and shot a few more frames.

I won't know how the Fujicolor version will turn out until I finish that roll. But I very much like the image from the D700 and 100m lens.

You might be amused that I still shoot with a camera of this era. But all of these devices are like paint brushes to me, each with their own characteristics. And they're still a lot of fun, despite their advanced years.

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