Looking for Group Interaction in Street Photography

I think many of us are searching for that iconic portrait when hitting the streets with our cameras - and for good reason. A compelling image of a single subject can be very powerful. But I've also discovered that group interaction brings its own intrigue to the day's collection of photos. And once you start looking for it, there seem to be endless possibilities.

Hoppy-Days-1024.jpg "Hoppy Days" - These four guys were enjoying a beer and each other's company on a weekday after work. Photo by Derrick Story.

The key to group photography is capturing more than one frame. I've noticed that subtle changes in body position have a big impact on the effectiveness of the image.

In the Hoppy Days shot, for example, the two guys in the center are interacting with each other, while the two on the outside are otherwise engaged. Of the series, this worked best compositionally. I also like the different position of the feet as you work from one side to the other. And this is one of the aspects of group photography that I really enjoy, which is the slight variation of theme, in this instance shoes, that's captured in the photos.

Since I've added group compositions to my radar, I've found that I come home with a more interesting, varied set of pictures. See what you think the next time you hit the streets with your camera.

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