Add a Dash of Juxtaposition for Fun

Absolutely we want to come away with meaningful photographs when traveling. Those iconic images add depth to the history of our experiences. But mixing in a little fun adds breadth as well.

90CAB4BB-BD6A-452C-876E-2C545DF6457B.jpeg Signs that miss the mark are one of my favorite juxtapositions. Photo by Derrick Story.

Many of my humor shots are captured with the iPhone, often when I'm not even thinking about photography. I'm just observing life, and there it is!

That being said, I do think that you have to have the awareness in the back of your mind to begin with. In other words, "I'm not looking for funny shots, but yet I am." Does that make sense? For me it feels like a motion sensor tuned to the ironic.

One last thought: If you do post on social, these are often perfect for engagement. For most folks, the world is plenty serious already. Adding a smile to the day is a gift indeed.

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