It's that Time of Year - Find the Remote Release for Your Camera


It's something that practically all photographers have... somewhere. Yes, the "easy to lose" but really useful remote controller device. And now is the time to find it.

The holiday season is perfect for long exposures of interior decorations (hopefully with a little bokeh for flavor), group shots that you are actually a part of, and weird camera positions where you're on your tiptoes to see what's on the LCD screen. And these all are easier with a remote release.

There are two basic ways to go here. First, dig through the sock drawer and find the IR release designed for your camera, check the battery, then put it in your backpack or wherever you keep your gear. While you're at it, you might want to take a minute to refresh on how to use it and where the settings are. People hate waiting for fumbling photographers.

The second option is to use the mobile app for your camera that always has a remote control feature. Again, now is the time to set it up and practice before you gather a room full of people.

Either way, you want to be ready to go for when the moment strikes. Self-timers are nice, but remote control is a much better look.

Happy Holidays!

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