Fujifilm XF10 Improved AF with Firmware Update 1.11


Good news for existing Fujifilm photographers with a new firmware update for the svelt Fujifilm XF10 compact camera ($449). Version 1.11 addresses the following issues.

  • The phenomenon is fixed that a display of the focused AF area is shifted when enlarging a recorded image by the touch zoom function.
  • The phenomenon is fixed that images are not recorded in the selected step of AE bracketing under a specific shooting condition.
  • Fix of minor bugs.

Hidden in the third item is improved autofocusing performance including the XF10 no longer back-focusing at subject distances less than 10 feet. I applied the firmware update in just a few minutes, and indeed I feel like it's enhanced that camera that I already adore.

To update your firmware, first check your current version by holding down the DISP/BACK button while powering up the camera. I was at version 1.10.

Then download the firmware 1.11 update and read the installation instructions. Essentially, you format a card, add the update to it, then install by holding down the DISP/BACK button while powering up. Make sure you have a charged battery. The update just takes a minute or so.

Now, enjoy improved performance!

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