Fujifilm's X100V (and X-T4) RAWs Look Great in Capture One Pro 20

I had my first opportunity last night to look at RAW files in Capture One Pro 20.0.3 from the Fujifilm X100V. Phase One had announced earlier this week that they were the first to provide RAW support for the two new Fujifilm cameras.

X110V-ISO3200-C1P20.jpg Walking to the Shark Tank - Fujifilm X100V, ISO 3200, f/2.0 - Photo by Derrick Story.

I packed the X100V to a San Jose Sharks match against the Toronto Maple Leaves (Sharks win: 5-2). The above image was captured while walking to the Shark Tank at ISO 3200, wide open, camera focused on Jersey 39. I processed the RAW file in Capture One Pro 20.0.3.

All of the Fujifilm simulations were available under Base Characteristics > Curve (as shown). The app recognized the lens and allowed all of the lens corrections including CA, Distortion, diffraction correction, light falloff, and sharpness. And the RAW files were very editable, including excellent highlight and shadow recovery.

Just a note on film simulations: C1P allows you to apply any of them, including Velvia, Provia, Acros, etc. in post production. So as long as you captured the image in RAW, all of your Fujifilm options are always available. The particular simulations that show up in C1P are based on the camera you used.

If you're a Fujifilm photographer, and especially if you have one of their new cameras, Capture One Pro 20 RAW processing is definitely worth a look.

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