Maybe Now Is the Time to Learn Capture One Pro 20

I have tested Capture One Pro 20 with RAW files from Fujifilm, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, and Pentax, and my feeling is that it's once of the best image processors that I've ever used. I know that you've likely heard this from others as well, but maybe you just haven't had time to try it for yourself.


Well, that time may be now. And if you agree, here's the game plan that I recommend.

  • Download the 30-day free trial of Capture One Pro 20 (Mac/Win). No credit card is required, and it's a fully functioning version.
  • Nose around a bit with the application, watch some of the free Phase One videos, get a feel for the environment.
  • Create a folder of images that you can use for your test library. I recommend a combination of RAW files and Jpegs from a variety of scenes. Make this a completely different folder in your Pictures directory so that it doesn't get confused with the source material for other apps.
  • Start from the beginning with my latest online training and follow along with your own images (or download the asset catalog that comes with the training). There are two options available: Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning, or, if you're a subscriber, you can watch it there as well.

Both trainings are the same and begin with a What's New section, a discussion on the app's strengths and weaknesses, and a simplified typical workflow to help you get off to a fast start.

Once you start to feel a bit more comfortable with the software, I delve into basic color and exposure adjustments, optical fine tuning, layers and masks, more sophisticated color controls, managing your catalog, and efficiency tips.

You can get a feel for the tone of the training by watching this 1-minute introduction.


Manage and improve your photos with Capture One Pro 20 from Capture One Pro 20 Essential Training by Derrick Story

If you love getting the most out of your RAW files and appreciate a logical image management catalog system, then this might be the time to take a serious look at Capture One Pro 20, and see what you think. My guess is that you will find it time well spent.

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