Digitizing Family Memories - New Online Course!

Practically every person has a shoebox of family snapshots, trays of slides, or sheets of negatives generated by shutterbugs in the family tree. We've all made proclamations that someday we're going to get organized and digitize those precious images. But we never seem to get around to it.


Now it the time! And I can walk you through the process. Join me for a 4-week online course that begins on April 20, 2020. Every Monday for 4 weeks I'll publish an informative, hands-on training video (with an open comment sections for questions) that covers DIY techniques for digitizing, organizing, adding metadata, and safely backing up this content.

Watch the tutorial on Monday, work on the assignments during the week, post your comments, then watch the next chapter the following Monday. By the end of the course, you will have made great strides toward archiving those precious family memories.


Course Requirements and Suggestions

You will need an Internet connection to download or stream the tutorials. You can watch them on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

For the techniques themselves, you will need some sort of device to digitize the pictures. I will cover techniques for using your smartphone, a digital camera, flatbed scanner, or if you have one available, a film scanner. So yes, it can be as simple as your smartphone or as sophisticated as a film scanner.

For the organizing techniques, we recommend photo software such as Lightroom, Photos for macOS, Luminar 4, Capture One Pro, or OnOne. Any of these will work for getting your digitized pictures in shape.

We also recommend some way to back up your precious memories. We'll cover external hard drives, cloud services, and more.

Chances are good that you have everything you need already to get started. You may want to purchase additional items as your watch the techniques class. We'll leave those decisions to you.

How to Signup!

Simply visit the Course Description and Signup Page and click on the Purchase button. The 4-week course is $45.

For members of the TDS Inner Circle, the course is free. There will be a notice on our Patreon page for Inner Circle Members to sign up. If you're not an Inner Circle Member, you can become one instantly and waive the $45 course tuition (by pledging $5 or more a month).

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