Images from Home During the Pandemic

Last week I wrote a post asking folks to show us what's going on at home during our shelter-in-place time. I've been following our Flickr Public Group, and I wanted to share a few images from that community. I find some comfort in seeing what others are up to.

Jamie-the-Postman.jpg "Jamie the Postman" by Derrick Story. I notify USPS that I need a pickup for shipments from TheFilmCameraShop, and Jamie stops by during regular mail delivery. I set the boxes down near the curb, step back 10 feet, and Jamie picks them up.

Rain self portrait, created indoors during pandemic lockdown "Rain self portrait, created indoors during pandemic lockdown" by Jim Cook.

X2UwNyovREGOEE8ttarikQ "My Craft Workspace" by Susie Powell

Social Distancing in the extreme (see description) "Social Distancing in the extreme" by Jim Sollows

Castel San Pietro T., Italy_March_2020_008 Castel San Pietro T., Italy_March_2020_008 by Tiberio Frascari

Cleared for Landing "Cleared for Landing" by Don Davidson

Fibre Optics "Fibre Optics" by Doug Walkey

Photo Challenge #3 (see description) "Photo Challenge #3" by Jim Sollows

Resistors "Resistors" by Victor van Dijk

Great stuff indeed! So what are you working on at home? Share it with the group so we can feel a bit more connected.

You can share your thoughts at the TDS Facebook page, where I'll post this story for discussion.