The Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap Review

The hunt for the perfect wrist strap has been an ongoing quest for me. Because I review many cameras for this site, and test even more for TheFilmCameraShop, a versatile, easy to use strap is a big deal. Fortunately, I finally tried the Peak Design Cuff Strap. (I don't know why it took me so long to get here.)


The biggest annoyance with straps of any kind is getting them on and off the camera. When I'm working, the last thing that I want to do is spend 10 minutes wrestling with an ill-designed connector that doesn't want to come off the lug, or go on. This is the first improvement that Peak Design made with the Cuff.


They use Anchor Connectors that attach in seconds. You get two with the Cuff, and you can buy more. Then you just attach the strap to the anchor with a secure click. Done.

The Cuff itself is very comfortable. It's long enough to provide unfettered access to all the camera controls, yet not too big to get in the way. You can roll it up and it will stay compact thanks to a magnet connector built into the fabric. You can use that same magnet feature to reconfigure the cuff as a bracelet to keep it handy when it's not attached to the camera.


If you purchase extra anchors when you buy the strap, you can just leave them on your cameras, and snap the cuff on to the one you're using at the moment. This saves a tremendous amount of space, and it's satisfyingly efficient.

For me, the strap worked better on the DSLRs, SLRs, and the more robust mirrorless models. It was a bit overkill for the compacts, however, such as my Fujifilm X100V.

Normal price for the Peak Design Cuff Strap is $29.95. Based on what I've paid for other straps that I didn't like nearly as much, that's a solid value. In fact, I would say downright reasonable for such a well-designed, high quality product.

But for one more day, it's on sale for $23.96 with free shipping. And that my friend is a steal.

The Peak Design Cuff Camera Strap has a high Nimbleosity rating, and I recommend it for Nimble Photographers everywhere.

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