LEDs are Great for Digitizing Slides and Negs as Well

In the latest movie from Digitizing Family Memories, I show viewers how to use their digital cameras to create high resolution files from slides and negatives.


Most hobbyist photographers have some sort of close-up lens, so that isn't a big challenge. The harder part, in my opinion, is the diffused light source. And I think the easiest way to go is with a LED edge light.

For my home setup, I'm using the FotodioX C-200RS FlapJack 7" LED Bi-Color Edge Light. It's easy to set up, has a wonderfully even light source, and I can even adjust the color temperature if necessary.


To help tame the light shining into the lens of the camera, I fashioned a slide holder out of black cardboard. I cut a square out of the center, placed the slide in the opening, and let the camera base the exposure solely on the illuminated film. Plus, it's easier on my eyes as well.


The Flapjack has a built-in diffuser panel. So that eliminates a lot of the work. It also has a standard tripod socket, so you can mount it just about anywhere, for practically any configuration. And the results are terrific.


Here's an un-retouched copy of a Kodachrome slide that I captured in Scotland in 1992. The LED light setup make the process easy. Just turn on the light, place the slide on the surface, and take the picture.

Not having to mess with electronic flash and cumbersome light boxes truly made the task at hand more enjoyable. If you're thinking about setting up your own digitizing station, I would consider a LED edge light for your illumination. It's a sweet way to go.

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