No Light Meter, No Problem - Reveni Labs to the Rescue

There are those situations when we find ourselves without an easy-to-use light meter - most commonly when using older film cameras that either didn't have one to begin with, or the internal electronics have faded over the years.

meter-1024.jpeg Readouts for the Reveni Labs Light Meter.

Thanks to a clever solution by Reveni Labs, you can easily add a silicone eye with digital readouts to any photography situation.

I've been testing their hot shoe light meter ($95 USD/$125 CAD) and have been able to use cameras once again that had been on the shelf due to their lack of electronics. The Reveni Meter provides a digital readout of the light in front of the camera (or where ever you point the eye). You can use its controls on top to "shift" the readout to a pairing that best suits your needs at the time. So if 1/125th at f/4 is stopped down too much, shift to 1/250th at f/2.8.

meter-top-1024.jpeg Top panel of the meter with the controls.

One thing to keep in mind with the device is that it's good-old-fashioned single-segment metering. So if you point it at a subject that has a bright background, such as a white fence, the fence will influence the readout accordingly. Once you get used to that, you should be in business.

The Reveni Meter is powered by a button cell (provided) and resides comfortably in the camera's hot shoe. But if you want to use it differently, there are lots of accessories on the site that provide flexibility.

I published an article on titled, The Body Is Willing Long After the Mind Is Gone that tells the story of how the Reveni Meter gave a second life to my Nikon FA that could no longer read exposures, but all the shutter speeds still worked. It's a good story and a true real life experience.

I highly recommend this photo accessory.

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