Catalog or Session in Capture One Pro?

As new users come to Capture One Pro, I'm hearing a familiar question from them: Should I use a catalog or a session when I start a new library? My answer is: "Well, that depends." Click on the link below to watch a 2-minute video that explains the differences.


Catalog vs. session: How are they different? from Capture One Pro 9 Essential Training by Derrick Story

If you do decide to use a session for a temporary work area, such as sorting out a wedding or taking your laptop on vacation, remember you can use the Import Session command to incorporate the session into your catalog, if you need to.

Even though I use catalogs the majority of the time, I do use sessions for my tethered shooting for product shots. If I want to add those images to my catalog, I can. But generally speaking, I don't.

Hope this helps clear the muddies waters a bit.

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