Magnum Square Print Sale Returns Bigger than Ever

The October Square Print Sale in partnership with Aperture, brings together a selection of over 120 images by international photographic artists. These are signed or estate-stamped 6"x6" museum-quality prints for $100.


When you visit the site, you'll see photographers you recognize and images that you're familiar with. The difference is that you can hang these on your walls and enjoy day after day.

I have three Magnum prints hanging in my studio. I bought two one year and the third image the following. They are grouped together by the staircase, so I see them every time I walk up to the recording room. And everyday they make me smile.

Personally, I very much like have photographs on the walls. There's a mix of my stuff and those by famous artists. The Square Print Sale gives you an affordable opportunity to bring some photography history into your home or workplace as well.