Using LUTs with iPhone RAW Pictures in iOS RAW Power

Since I've been working more with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I've found myself wanting to push the envelope for those lovely ProRAW files. One of my old friends, Raw Power for iOS not only taps ProRAW capability, it has some unique tools that you won't find in the standard Photos app. One of my favorites is the ability to add LUTs (lookup tables) to my pictures.

Raw-Power-LUT.jpeg Raw Power running on an iPad mini editing a ProRAW picture. Here I'm applying a Fujicolor Provia film simulation LUT.

Not only does the app come with a nice selection of built-in LUTs, such as a collection of Fuji film simulations, but you can add your own. For example, I've added a handful of Red/Blue swap LUTs so I can quickly edit my IR shots in Raw Power on the iPad. (Raw Power also includes a great Channel Mixer!)

If you're upping your iPhone photography game, especially with the new models, then why settle for the "out of the can" look? Work those files! And tapping LUTs is one fun and easy way to do so.

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