Adjustable Filters Are Big Improvement to Photos

There are many features in Photos for Mac and iOS that I like, but until now, Filters was not one of them. My complaint was that there weren't many to choose from, and they often didn't look that great when applied full force. That's changed.

IMG_0192.jpeg Tapping Filters in Photos for iOS

The Filters in Photos for both iOS and macOS Big Sur are now adjustable. And that's a whole new ballgame. For example, I applied Vivid Warm to this historic building in Santa Rosa, CA. At full force, the filter was just too strong and was not the effect that I was looking for.


In the past, this was the "take it or leave it" choice I faced. So I often left it. But now, once I tap on a specific filter, a slider appears next to it that allows me to adjust the intensity of the effect.

IMG_0194.jpeg Adjusting the intensity of the applied filter.

For this image, 25 percent was the look I wanted. And that is a completely different result than 100 percent.

Adjustable Filters is just one of the refinements in Photos for macOS Big Sur and iOS. At last, I can actually use this feature of the software... and like it!

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