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This is The Digital Story Podcast #784, March 30, 2021. Today's theme is "The Bag I Use 90 Percent of the Time (and why)" I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

The real point of this show isn't the particular bag that I use, but the features that it has and how they are useful for the modern Nimble Photographer. My hope is that this discussion will help find a compact carrying solution that you'll reach for every time you step out the door. All of this and more on today's TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.

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The Bag I Use 90 Percent of the Time (and why)

When Lowepro released the StreamLine 150 in 2013, it was intended for lightweight vacation travel with a compact camera. Its multi-device design offered dedicated storage for a 7" tablet, smartphone, compact camera, and personal items.


Even though DSLRs still roamed the earth then, there were a number of mirrorless photographers who appreciated the stylish practically of the StreamLine 150 and embraced it for their shrinking camera kits. One of things I like about it is the abundance of small lined pockets that I can use without additional protection cases. Let's take a closer look.

Basic Specs and Features

  • Measures 11"x10"x1" and weighs on 0.75 pounds.
  • 2 padded and softly lined device front compartments protect against dust, scratches and abrasion.
  • 2 additional front pockets for accessories.
  • Largish main pocket.
  • Two slim pockets for iPad mini or comparable tablet.
  • Weather-resistant materials and design.
  • Long shoulder strap.

The reason why it's been my go-to bag is because it's slim, stylish, and doesn't look like a camera bag. Some folks might say it looks like a man-purse :-)

I like the way it hugs my body when I'm biking or exploring urban environments. I can tuck it under my arm without attracting any attention. Yet, I have quick access to everything I need.

Inside, I typically carry an Olympus MFT body or the Fujifilm X100V. The iPhone 12 Pro Max fits perfectly in one of the front lined pockets. An extra pair of glasses fits in the other.

Lens cloths, memory cards, and other small items fit nicely in the accessory pockets. Generally, I keep my camera in the roomy main storage space. And there's still room for personal items.

The bags I carry have really become smaller over the years. And as such they are easier to protect from both the elements and prying eyes.

The Lowepro StreamLine 150 is hard to find these days. But I have a brand new one with its original packaging that I will raffle off to our Inner Circle Members. If you're part of our Inner Circle, or join us by April 5th, you can toss your hat in the ring to win the brand new Lowepro Streamline 150. The winner will be announced on next week's podcast.

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Lens Hoods: Do You Actually Need Them?

You can read the entire article on F-Stoppers.

I was curious to hear Marc Newton, from The School of Photography, say that you absolutely must use lens hoods. In the artistic world I don't believe there are any musts really but this video breaks down the reasons he thinks lens hoods are essential pieces of equipment. He's absolute right in some of the things he says and this is a great introduction to beginner photographers, especially, who might be wondering whether to use lens hoods or not. Funnily enough, in some of the example images he provides, I prefer those without the use of a lens hood.

The New Donation Kit for Carefree Shipping of Found Film Cameras

We have more time around the house than ever. And you finally dove into that bedroom closet that's been begging for some organization.

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Second Session of Integrating iPhone into a Pro Photography Workflow Online Workshop - April 21 to May 15, 2021: The first session of "Integrating iPhone into a Pro Photography Workflow" Online Workshop has sold out. But now I've posted a second session that begins April 21, 2021. If you're interested in attending, just go to catalog page.

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