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This is The Digital Story Podcast #791, May 18, 2021. Today's theme is "It's Spring! 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Photography Act." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Spring cleaning shouldn't be limited to our yards, garages, and closets. We get behind on photography-related tasks as well. It's not that we're lazy or distracted (OK, well maybe distracted), it's just that we forget to do certain things that may really help us in the long run. Consider today's show a handy checklist for those springtime tasks. Look at it this way, everyone of these is more fun than cleaning the garage. I hope you enjoy the show.

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It's Spring! 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Photography Act


I remember that I once saw a pie chart of how a professional photographer's time was spent each week. Ironically, on about 15 percent was actually taking pictures.

Fortunately, as enthusiasts, we have far fewer business chores to attend to. But that doesn't mean we're off the hook entirely.

Take a look at this checklist and start mapping out your plan.

  • Firmware Updates - I had missed one for my X100V only to discover that it added webcam ability to my camera. That's a pretty big deal these days. Be sure to review your firmware status for both camera bodies and lenses.
  • Equipment Inventory - I'm sure I just did one not too long ago. I looked it up, and yes, more than 5 years had passed. Wow! Time flies. And boy has my gear changed a lot since then. Be sure to record pictures, serial numbers, and any purchase information you may have.
  • Get Rid of Gear that You're Not Using - It's amazing how fast we can accumulate new gear. And many times those new pieces render stuff we already have as obsolete. You can tie this project to your inventory efforts and get bonus points for efficiency.
  • Test Your Backup - I know you're already backing up your valuable images. But when was the last time you tested your system for integrity? Now would be a good time to ensure you can actually restore.
  • Clean Off Your Laptop Hard Drive - Now that the sun is shinning for those of us North of the equator, you'll probably be adding many more pictures to your photo catalogs. Clean off those laptop drives now!

You may not have time for all of these. But accomplishing just one or two can pay off big up the road.

News Corp Australia Has Laid Off the Last of Its Photographers: Report

You can read the entire article on Petapixel.

News Corp Australia has reportedly laid off the last of its staff photographers and converted fully to using freelancers according to a new report. The last eight photographers were informed last week that their positions were being made redundant.

According to The Guardian, the Rupert Murdoch-owned publication giant called the last photographers who worked for the Geelong Advertiser, the NT News, the Hobart Mercury, Townsville Bulletin, the Gold Coast Bulletin, and the Cairns Post into a management meeting and were told them that they would be replaced by freelancers.

The report also states that those eight staff members -- the last of a full-time staff that once numbered over 100 -- were given the opportunity to purchase their staff photography equipment at discounted prices and come back as outsourced, freelance labor.

News Corp has been moving towards a freelancer model when it comes to photography for several years. Last year, the company let its chief photographer Gary Ramage go, and in November it cut 16 photography positions out of 25 total jobs it eliminated.

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The 5 favorite camera brands in Japan (and you won't believe who's first!)

You can read the entire article on Digital Camera World.

Japan's favorite camera brand isn't Canon. It isn't Nikon. It isn't Sony, or Olympus or Fujifilm. No, Japan's favorite camera brand is Pentax / Ricoh.

That's according to the latest results in a survey being conducted by IT Media, asking Japanese consumers to choose their favorite digital camera maker. And despite the best Pentax cameras all being DSLRs, and facing quite a technological disparity compared to the likes of the best Canon cameras and best Sony cameras, that hasn't stopped Ricoh being Japan's most beloved brand in the camera industry.

The survey (spotted by Pentax Rumors) still has another ten days to run, closing on 27 May, but so far the results are pretty eye-opening. Almost a quarter of Japanese users say that Pentax / Ricoh is their favorite brand, with nearly a fifth pledging allegiance to Nikon.

Here are the top 6 - Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm.

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We have more time around the house than ever. And you finally dove into that bedroom closet that's been begging for some organization.

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