Infrared Photography Showcase from Our Recent Workshop

For the past month, our workshop photographers have been learning and practicing techniques for producing infrared images. Our class presentation was on Saturday, and I wanted to share a sample of the wonderful work they produced.

005_Harry_IRWkShop.jpg Harry Telegadas - Butterfly with flowers.

02-JeffA- Infrared-workshop.jpg Jeffrey Ambs - The walking bridge.

004-nelson-infrared-workshop.jpg Nelson Charette - Portrait of a rose.

005-Larry-Infrared-workshop.jpg.jpg Laurence R. Martin - The water canal.

pete-assignment1-1a.jpg Peter Ruczynski - House with trees.

002-DonG-infrared-workshop.jpg Donald Guthrie - Tree with church.

002-Bev-IR 850.jpg Beverly Braun - Cabin with grass and sky.

During the class presentation, each photographer talked about his or her images, shared the processes they used to create them, and discussed their plans for future work.

And because these are online events, we have participants from all over the world, ranging from England, to the U.S. east coast, the midwest, and California. So not only do they bring their unique artistic visions, but also a sense of where they live and what life is like there.

If you want to learn more about our online classes, visit The Nimble Photographer Workshops page. Among the other events, our next infrared photography workshop is scheduled for May 2022.

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