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This is The Digital Story Podcast #815, Nov. 2, 2021. Today's theme is "Preparing for an Inclement Photo Shoot." I'm Derrick Story.

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In just a few days I leave for the Oregon Coast to co-lead a weeklong workshop. There are preparations on many fronts including travel route, photo gear, and apparel. As part of that process, I've noted that the long range weather forecast predicts plenty of precipitation. This definitely has an impact on my packing, and today I'm going to discuss how I prepare for a wet-weather photo shoot. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Preparing for an Inclement Photo Shoot


When I first started thinking about this workshop, I was leaning toward an entirely different backpack full of gear. But now that I see that rain is in the forecast, I've rethought all of my initial plans. Here are my priorities now.

Scale Back - Bad weather makes me want to travel even lighter than in good conditions. I want fewer moving parts a and smaller bag. As a result I'm taking much less.

Weather Resistant is King for the Backpack - Everything has to be able to take the rain. I'm starting with the relatively compact Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW that is weather resistant to begin with, plus has a built-in rain cover if conditions worsen. There is fast access on both sides and top so I don't have to open the entire bag to retrieve a camera or lens. So I can grab one thing and everything else stays dry.

Going with my Toughest Camera - My best bad weather camera is the Pentax KP with a handful of weather resistant lenses. I don't like working with rain covers and prefer just to have the camera in my hands, even in the rain. Pentax cameras are amazingly tough and reliable, as are their WR lenses. I put protection filters on everything so I can wipe them off quickly and often.

Absorbent Cloths and Big Microfibers - One of the most important things I learned shooting in Iceland was that you need extra cloths to wipe down your gear. Everything gets soaked fairly fast, so backups are required over the course of the day.

Appropriate Clothing - Start from the bottom up with shoes that provide great footing and are water friendly. I'll be sporting a pair of Merrell Men's CHOPROCK Sieve Water Shoes that have Vibram MegaGrip rubber outsoles with water-friendly mesh and woven uppers. Working upwards with rain repellant pants and layered uppers with an Eddie Bauer rain jacket with hood and ventilated sleeves.

Pack an Extra Baseball Cap - I wear one cap so that the hood doesn't go down over my eyes, then a second baseball cap in my bag to put over my camera when it's sitting on the tripod. Of all the covers I've tested over the years, a simple baseball cap is easiest to use.

Start a Week Ahead of Time - Over the course of time, you'll continue to remember little things that you want to add to your bag, such as a small first aid kit, rubber bands, headlight (with night-vision red), for example. Allow yourself the time to remember these.

Trekking Sticks to Help Maintain Balance - You want to feel confident to explore areas where great images may be waiting for you. In addition to proper shoes, I recommend a trekking stick that will help you maintain balance and can serve as a monopod if you get one with a camera mount. A nice one, for example, is the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Pole - Carbon Fiber Monopod Walking or Hiking Stick with Accessories Mount and Adjustable Quick Locks for $39.

One of my favorite sayings is: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing," by Alfred Wainwright. So true for photographers! Starting getting your gear together and get out there in the rain to make some wonderful images.

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Nikon and the Z9 Are the Photo Industry's Comeback Story of the Decade

You can read the entire article on

When the Sony Alpha 1 was announced, I remember being really impressed but not surprised. Sony had been the brand to beat and had been continuously pushing the envelope. What Sony did was impressive, but not shocking. The Nikon Z9 has shocked me.

Nikon, the company that had been in third place behind Sony and Canon in the full-frame mirrorless market (and it wasn't a close third place), has not only caught back up but has outright passed them technologically by a considerable margin. My expectations for the Z9 were to at least compete, to just bring Nikon back up to par. That would have been good enough.

But the Z9 reads like a camera where "good enough" was not good enough. No, Nikon wanted to send a statement with the Z9 and that message has been received.

It's hard to fathom how Nikon did this, given how slow it was to shift from DSLRs to mirrorless all while Sony was dedicating huge resources to developing its own expectation-shattering cameras. It felt like Sony was driving an F1 and Nikon a Honda Civic, and Sony got to have a head start as well. That kind of gap is monumentally difficult to make up ground on, let alone surpass, and yet here we are.

Nikon and the Z9 are without question the comeback story of the decade in the camera industry. There is a new top dog, and for Nikon, it's a return to a seat that the company has not occupied for some time. Canon and Sony will see what Nikon has done and have to work just that much harder. Sony won't just sit idly by as Nikon surpasses them, and neither will Canon. The race is back on, and I could not be more excited.

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