Photo Silliness During the Holidays

I can't remember the last time I spent three days at home doing nothing more than watching sports, harassing the cat, and enjoying the company of my family. Oh, and I also played with the camera a bit as well.

DSCF0542-christmas-2021-1024px.jpg Derrick with Sylvester. Fujifilm X100V using the CamRemote app to take the picture.

I wanted to grab a few snapshots of Sylvester and me, so I used the Fujifilm X100V with the CamRemote app. Between the moving cat and the herky-jerky app, it was more humorous than anything. But I love these kind of goofy shots.


My sister-in-law gave us all Bombas slippers for Christmas. We wanted to send her a thank you text, so I captured this fun snap with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

IMG_0985.jpeg Zach and Max enjoying Christmas Day taco bar. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We had a taco bar for Christmas Day lunch (of course, it's California!). Was a colorful opportunity to catch a grab shot of the boys.

I hope you had a bit of fun with your gear over the holiday. If not, maybe you'll get a second crack at it this weekend for the New Year celebration.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays.


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