My 5 Most Popular Photography Articles of the Summer

One of the great things about online publishing is the feedback authors receive. We know how many reads, likes, and comments each post garners. And it's fun to gather all of that up and share with readers.

So, in that spirit, here are the five most popular photography articles, with most read at the top and working down, I published on this summer.

My Favorite iPhone Portrait Tricks - There is more magic to iPhone portraits than you may realize.



The Photography Endgame - The challenging landscape for enthusiast photographers.



5 Ways Your Camera Is Smarter Than You Realize - Today's devices are brilliant. We just have to spend some time exploring their capabilities to fully understand that genius. Here are five places to start.



My Favorite Vintage Lenses for Creative Photography - All of these lenses give you a different look from their modern counterparts. And they are so much fun to shoot with. I consider them my secret weapon. When photographers look at the images I produce with these vintage optics, they're not exactly sure how I did it.



Do You Know Where Your Canon PowerShot Is? - Apparently I wasn't the only one bitten by the throwback bug. I started receiving mail from podcast listeners who had rummaged through closets looking for their classic Canons.



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