Do You Really Know Your Camera?


Most photographers have a relationship with their camera - some more serious than others. Just look at their behavior. They always want to bring it along, they spend lots of money on it, and they definitely want others to keep their hands off.

See what I'm saying?

But like any couple, how well do you really know each other? Sure, you've got the basics down. You know how to find program mode, set the ISO, and even adjust the white balance now and then. That's pretty good. And many partnerships don't need much more.

But what happens when circumstances change, such as when you're taking a trip together? Now you want to do new things like capture birds in flight, experience the night life, and maybe even buy some exotic accessories. Suddenly you're looking at one another and thinking, "I don't really know you at all."

Like any relationship, this one is worth investing time in. Who knows what you'll learn about each another?

Here are two examples.

The Ricoh GR III can automatically correct a slightly tilted horizon when you take the picture. The Fujifilm X100V has digital 50mm and 70mm options built right into the camera that augment the 35mm equivalent lens, and those alternatives are very good.

The OM System OM-1 has a one-touch custom white balance button on the front of the camera that enables you to instantly adjust for any lighting situation. And iPhones have a hidden set of camera adjustments right there under your nose, all you have to do is tap the upward angle bracket at the top of the screen to reveal those settings.

As your friend and fellow photographer, I'm urging you to spend more time getting to know your camera. It doesn't always have to be fireworks and parties, although those are fun. But also make time for the quiet moments on the couch with your owner's manual in hand, exploring the many wonders of your partner in image capture.

You won't regret it. And your pictures will get better.